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Welsh Springer Spaniels are an ancient breed of distinct type. Red and White in Color they are striking in appearance! Their beauty is undeniable. They are a separate and distinct variety of the great land spaniel family. Having a strong scenting ability, energy and stamina, these things contribute to their becoming excellent hunting dogs. Welsh are what I call "velcro dogs" as they never want to be far from your side and their devotion never wavers. Intelligent to the point of being genius they can outsmart you if your not careful. Excellent with children is an understatement! They require a exercise. training and regular grooming.

The males make the best pets in my opinion as they are more laid back than the females usually. Not to say the females won't be excellent pets just more of a challenge.

Living with a Welshie you get the benefit of a loyal full time companion!!!!!!!!!!!

Tails or Tales

Looking back about 200 years ago the tails  were seldom docked sometime since then docking came into fashion and until recently most Welsh were seen with a docked tail. In more recent years many of the European Countries have outlawed the docking of tails. I myself though under no order of law decided to quit docking tails due to the medical benefits of not docking and I  love the natural tail.
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